A freelance Industrial design project for a electronics hardware manufacturer in Mumbai.
The project was executed in a team of 3.
Industrial design
Enclosure styling
Hardware identification
Rendering and presentation
The electronics hardware was specially developed with advanced encryption capabilities. The task was to design a walkie talkie enclosure for the hardware, suitable for the Special Protection Group (S.P.G). The S.P.G is the special commando force and primary security agency for the Indian Prime Minister. The enclosure had to conform to IP68 rating. The styling deign had to be custom designed from ground up including the buttons. Enclosure had to accommodate a standard antenna of two different sizes for different frequency/range requirements.
My role in the project was to identify suitable secondary hardware which would fit within the dimensional constraints and enable better aesthetic design. I was also tasked with identifying the right visual metaphors and design an enclosure which would represent the spirit & style of the S.P.G.!
The S.P.G is usually seen in two different uniforms. The SPG special agents, assigned to the prime minister wear a formal attire of black suit with goggles as seen on the left. The SPG uniformed officers wear tactical gear and usually carry high tech weapons as seen on the left. The styling of the enclosure had to comfortably sit across these two distinct sensibilities. The enclosure design had to connote mixed signal of formality and ruggedness with a high-tech appeal.
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