Personal, exploratory project, mostly to satisfy long pending creative urges and learn new things along the way.
I wanted to make a sculptural speaker enclosure inspired by the golden spiral and horn speaker.

Carving the initial shape from a large block of Polystyrene foam
I molded fiber glass on the sculpted foam. 
In the picture below I'm finishing the fiberglass after molding. This was by far the most time consuming part of the entire process.
Polystyrene master removed to obtain fiber glass shell
Speaker driver mounting. The rear end of the enclosure holds the speaker driver and a small class D amplifier.
I wanted to clad the inside of the speaker with fabric or felt to create some textural contrast. I cut 8 patterns out of HIPS sheet and thermo formed them in the correct shape using a spare hair dryer. I then cladded the fabric on each of those patterns and glued all of them on the inside of the enclosure.
I played with the idea of illuminating the speaker and make it respond to the music. Pictured below is a quick trial of the idea. I dropped the idea eventually as the quality of light wasn't very appealing.
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